17 Berkshire Signature Cakes + Pastries

Make your upcoming event a little bit sweeter with one of our signature cakes!

One Dozen Petit Fours

The perfect bite sized treat for your next shower or event. Petit Fours can be customized by color. Designs currently include gum paste flower or baby booties.


Wedding Cake

Don't let the off white icing fool you, this wedding cake is anything but boring. Our airy almond cake is filled with a light, but flavorful rasberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream and beautifully decorated.

6”- $40
8”- $55

Lemon-y Fresh

"So fresh and so clean, clean," let this vibrant cake serenade your taste-buds with layers of delicious lemon cake with blueberry filling and Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

6”- $40
8”- $55

One Dozen Cupcakes

What's better than one cupcake? A Dozen!


Birthday Cake

Birth. Day. Cake. Need we say more?

6”- $35 (+ 6 macarons, $47)
8”- $50 (+ 8 macarons, $67)

Strawberry Delight

Summer is right around the corner; what could be better than a little Strawberry Delight to relax and soak up the sunshine with? This cake is impossible to forget with its luscious strawberry flavor and decadent cream cheese frosting! 

6”- $40
8”- $55

Macaron Cake

Macrons are known for being small and delightful, but may we suggest extra-large and extra delightful?

8"- $50

Berry Chocolate

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting exterior. Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life!

6”- $40
8”- $55

Ice Cream Drip Cake

An over-the-top cake for a very special recipient. Each Cake includes a "melted ice cream cone" (made out of buttercream and chocolate ganache). The top is adorned with our signature macarons and sprinkles. (Please note, gum paste details (like age and cherries) are an additional fee.) Variations may occur.

6”- $50
8”- $65

One Dozen Macarons

Try every flavor in the box with this delicious dozen!