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Hi!  My name is Nuha and "17 Berkshire" is my sugar baby....

I grew up watching my mom sew, cook, and bake fabulous desserts.  So it's no surprise that baking has always been a passion of mine, but I never viewed it as more than a stress-relieving outlet.  After nursing school exams, my "reward" would be to come home and bake.  When I passed my nursing boards I wanted to treat myself to a present.  Hello pink Kitchen Aid mixer!


After the birth of my second child I decided to stay home with my two babies.  I was so happy to be the one they woke up to, but was feeling lost in this new role.  Yet again, I turned to baking to de-stress and would post my amateur creations on social media.  One thing led to another and well, here I am.  I didn't set out to create a business, but I am thrilled with where the plot twist has taken me.  I hope you'll join me on this crazy ride and indulge in a treat or two!

So where did the name "17 Berkshire" come from?  


It's the address of my childhood home!  I grew up in the heart of Memphis and my childhood home is huge part of who I am today.   The name is an homage to my late father as well as a reminder of where I started and where I've come. 

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Nuha Abuduhair Owner of 17 Bekshire Patisserie
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