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The holidays are right around the corner and we've got a jam packed schedule!  We need some extra hands on board to help both up front and in the back.  Ideally, each candidate will be cross trained to assist in some capacity in both areas.


To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to  Subect line should include the position you are applying for.

Assistant Pastry Chef

Expectations & Qualifications

  1. Intermediate knowledge of pastry

    1. Knows how to properly  measure and weigh ingredients

    2. Familiar with classic French pastries as well as popular American desserts

    3. Can troubleshoot typical problems that may arise ( trouble icing a cake, rolling sugar cookie dough, etc.)

  2. Math Skills

    1. Able to competently divide or multiply a recipe and / or it’s ingredients

    2. Able to tally the total number of items needed for weekly custom orders

    3. Can anticipate when we will need to replenish “x” product

  3. Communication Skills

    1. Capable of  following instructions and anticipating what the next necessary steps would be.  

    2. Feels confident and comfortable asking for help, when appropriate.

    3. Able to communicate needs and requests, within an appropriate time frame

  4. Can navigate the needs of a small, growing business

    1. Understands that unexpected circumstances may arise, requiring immediate attention.  Therefore, shifts and tasks may need to be altered in order to accommodate.

    2. Can work well independently and with a diverse group of coworkers

  5. Physical Strength

    1. Able to stand for 8+ hours

    2. Able to lift 50lb bags

    3. Able to safely work with burning liquids and ovens.

  6. Committed to working 18+ months

  7. Optimistic demeanor and genuinely eager to learn and help.  Pastry is constantly evolving so we are looking for someone who is humble enough to learn.

As a part of our team,  you will enjoy lots of delicious pastries, support from our team, and the opportunity to bring world-class experiences to our city.   

Front of House Sales/ Barista

The ideal 17 Berkshire candidate is upbeat and motivated to provide a superior guest experience to maximize sales and profit. All team members are  responsible for ensuring that sales goals are achieved by supporting and executing brand standards for our guest and team. This will include assisting with guests needs, offering product knowledge, merchandising, handling cash transactions and maintaining a neat and visually inspiring environment. Candidates must be able to work a flexible schedule according to the needs of the business, including evenings, weekends and holidays.  Health Insurance is available.


  1. Excellent Customer Service 

  2. Barista Experience, preferred 

  3. Attention to detail

  4. Strong and Eloquent Communication Skills

  5. Math Skills

  6. Values a clean work environment

  7. Can appreciate slow moments as well as busy moments

  8. Team player

  9. Flexible schedule

  10. Cheerful spirit

  11. Physically able to stand for 6+ hours, move 40+ lb boxes, etc,

  12. Committed to being an active employee for at least 18 months

As a part of our team,  you will enjoy lots of delicious pastries, support from our team,, and the opportunity to bring world-class experiences to our city.  

Our current hours are: Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. with shifts beginning and ending  30 minutes to 1 hours before.  However, please note that we will be adjusting our hours in the upcoming weeks.  

You can expect to work 12-20 hours a week.  We will try our best to accommodate shift requests, but please note that not all requests will be granted.

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