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The Sweet Taste of Summer: Blueberry Tart with Lavender Cream

This year’s lineup of summer pastries made our summer sweeter than ever before. Being able to create fun pastry designs and mix exciting flavors together to introduce something new to your tastebuds is what we are known for at 17 Berkshire. A result of this experimentation was the idea for the Orange Blossom and Apricot Matcha Entremet—a medley of fruit and florals with the earthiest of tones. You can read more about all our summer pastries here.

Incorporating unexpected yet delicious twists into classic desserts is also something we strive for with every seasonal menu—it’s the 17B way! That’s what inspired the creation of the Blueberry Lavender Tart. If you’re like us, nothing feels more like summer than a classic blueberry pie, but at 17B we like to take those classics to another level.

Our version simplifies blueberry pie into tart form, topped with a dollop of delicious lavender whipped cream to add a little bit of airiness back into this pastry. It’s the perfect confection to make summer last forever.

Want to try a bite of this blueberry heaven? Stop by the store or call ahead at (901) 729-7916 to pre-order it so you won't miss out! 17B’s summer menu will be available until October 1.


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