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5 Reasons to Book an Afternoon Tea

It's teatime!

Afternoon Tea is a classic British tradition that many around the world have come to love and enjoy today. Since the mid-seventeenth century, tea drinking had been a popular and sophisticated practice in Britain, but where did the idea of an “Afternoon Tea” originate and why has this cherished tradition been carried into the twenty-first century?

In 1840, a simple request was made by Duchess Anna of Bedford to order a tray of tea, bread and butter, and cake to her room to indulge the “sinking feeling” she felt around mid-afternoon every day. She enjoyed the concept so much that she invited her friends to join her daily and later brought the occasion to London where it received a royal endorsement from Queen Victoria. It’s both tickling and heart-warming to think something as simple as sharing tea and pastries with your loved ones became the quintessential custom of an entire country.

Luckily you don’t have to travel across the pond to relish in the Afternoon Tea tradition! At 17 Berkshire, we keep the custom alive within our own patisserie doors and we invite you to as well. Whether you are celebrating family milestones or birthdays, reuniting with old friends, or treating yourself to a solo delicacy, afternoon tea is a great affair for all occasions and for everyone to enjoy. Here are five reasons why you should book an afternoon tea:

  1. It’s a unique experience that’s unlike your regular outings. Trying to figure out how to break up your lunch break schedule with something new is always tough. Try something new, change your scenery, and book an afternoon tea to enjoy in the middle of your workweek.

  2. It gives you a reason to dress up! Let’s face it--these days it’s become harder and harder to find an excuse to wear something a little fancier than your everyday clothing. Those cute and comfy athleisure outfits we stocked up on during the pandemic need a day off! Dress up in your Sunday best and feel luxurious as you sip your tea and eat those macarons. And with that being said…

  3. It’s also a reason to take some new pictures of yourself being out and about. At 17 Berkshire, we have a quaint, simple, and elegant ambiance that’s great for snapping candid photos of you, your friends, and your aesthetic teatime setup. We’re also conveniently located in the heart of Overton Square in Memphis, Tennessee, which provides many exquisite backdrops for picture taking.

  4. It’s the perfect way to celebrate occasions--big and small. From big celebrations like birthdays and graduations to intimate anniversaries and holidays, make it extra memorable with a special affair like afternoon tea.

  5. It’s the best light lunch you’ll ever have. Afternoon tea is a great break apart from having back-to-back heavy lunches, and it’s still a filling (and delicious!) option for a midday bite.

What is featured in an Afternoon Tea affair?

Each 17 Berkshire Afternoon Tea reservation includes tea, cakes, and pastries made fresh from our shop daily:

⁠✨ Everything But the Bagel Cream Cheese Crostini⁠

✨ Turkey Sandwich w/ Raspberry Balsamic Mayo on Honey Wheat⁠

✨ Cucumbers & Labneh w/ Dried Mint on Rye⁠

✨ Two Scones with a side of Lemon Curd⁠

✨ Three Assorted Petit Pastries⁠

✨ One Pot of Hot Tea per couple⁠

Be a part of keeping the tradition alive and reserve a table at 17 Berkshire for an Afternoon Tea with friends, family, or by yourself! Click here to book a reservation today.


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