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Introducing 17B's Summer Drink: "Matcha Mist"

Your new favorite summer drink was just added to 17 Berkshire’s menu—and it’s as bubbly and refreshing as ever!

The “Matcha Mist” is our iced drink of the season, featuring a blend of matcha and lemon juice topped with sparkling water. If you like light, refreshing drinks with mellow earthy notes, you’re definitely in for a treat.

This drink is special for many reasons, but it really shines because it was created by one of 17B’s very own! The recipe was created entirely by our talented barista Rih. We’re so grateful to have a team that brings different skills to the table, and we love being able to have a space for them to get creative behind the scenes.

Barista Pro Tip: For an added layer of flavor, add our house Orange Blossom syrup… it’s like drinking a dream! 💭


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