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Satisfy your sweet tooth with our seasonal creations



Our signature pastries rotate every season, revolving around classic pastry designs and fresh flavor palettes. Starting January 28th, our Spring Menu will be available for walk-in purchase daily, until sold out.  Have your eye on something?  Call the shop during open hours and pre-order it so you won't miss out.  

Opera Cake.jpeg
Opera Cake.jpeg

Opera Cake

Jaconde soaked with coffee syrup, nestled between layers of chocolate ganache and espresso buttercream

Strawberry and Jasmine

Strawberry and Jasmine mousse globes sitting on top of a tart sablé, topped with ruby chocolate and crushed strawberries

Strawberry Jasmine.jpeg

Princess Cake

A 17 Berkshire play on a classic Swedish pastry.  Vanilla Mouse with a raspberry preserve center sitting on top of a vanilla sponge cake base.  Topped with mirror glaze and the iconic pink flower.

Princess Cake.jpeg
Salted Caramel French Silk Tart.jpeg

Salted Caramel French Silk 

Dense chocolate French silk surrounded by a dark chocolate crust.  Topped with a layer of salted caramel and smoked sea salt.

Mille Feuille.jpeg


Creamy vanilla pastry cream sitting in between layers of crunchy phyllo.  Topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

White Chocolate Raspberry Profiterole

Call it a profiterole, cream puff, or "fancy donut", but any way you spin it, this white chocolate raspberry profiterole is an explosion in your mouth.  Napkins are encouraged.

White Chocolate Raspberry Profiterole.jpeg
white chocolate raspberry profiterole inside.jpeg
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